25 Feb 2014

Pagan Art: "Pallas Athena" by Gustav Klimt

Klimt's Pallas Athena (1898) is an unusual painting for Klimt, whose work is often sensuous and highly sexual. By contrast, his depiction of the Goddess is filled with a sense of nobility and veneration. She is shown in her usual garb of helmet and armour, and is obviously more than capable of defending her honour.

8 Feb 2014

Pagan Art: "Nemesis" by Alfred Rethel

Nemesis is the ancient Greek goddess of vengeance. The Greeks had a karmic sense of justice and believed that no one should either be too lucky or escape punishment for acts of hubris. Nemesis was this idea given executive form.

1 Feb 2014

The Pagan Sites of Asia (1): Burkhan Khaldun

This is the most sacred mountain of Mongolia. Since the time of Genghis Khan (1162-1227) it has been associated with his legend, but its religious significance appears to date back much further. The religious myths connected to it have roots in the beliefs of earlier peoples, like those of the Khitans, a Mongol or Tungus people who ruled Northern China from 907 to 1125.