25 Sep 2013

The Pagan Sites of Europe Remembered (24): Belle Île, France

The island of Belle Île, part of Brittany, lies to the West of the mouth of the River Loire, the biggest river in France. The Atlantic Ocean island covers an area of 84 square kilometers. Now it is a picturesque Summer holiday island of little importance, but there is evidence that in ancient times it was a site of great religious significance.

6 Sep 2013

"The Story of a Young Oak" by Nina Kouprianova

A piece of poetic pagan prose by Nina Kouprianova:

Once upon a time, there lived an Oak. He was a young Oak, slender, but quite tall. His greatest wish was to grow ancient, wise, and become thick as quickly as possible, offering shade and comfort to weary travelers by obscuring the scourging Sun with his foliage. And some day―this youngster feared his own thoughts a little―he sought to become the site for a mythic sacrifice.