20 Oct 2013

The Pagan Sites of Europe Remembered (25): Killycluggin, Ireland

Across the border from Northern Ireland, a couple of miles from the village of Ballyconnel (pop. 747) in County Cavan, can be found the hamlet or house of Killycluggin. This is one of the holy sites of Ireland, where a large (3.6 meter circumference) sacred stone once stood, symbolizing the god Crom Crúaich. This was surrounded by a stone circle of around 20 meters diameter, with 15 mostly collapsed stones.

18 Oct 2013

Solomon the Pagan

Solomon showing pagan wisdom

The crude monotheism of the Biblical Jews was so dull, dreary, and spiritually empty that it could hardly be followed by the more intelligent Jews, who required something more sophisticated. Later this led to religious hybrids like Christianity and later to esoteric Talmudic Judaism, but in an earlier period the simplest solution was to abandon the Abrahamic faith altogether.