2 Jul 2011

Slaves of the Semitic Sky God: (1) Michele Bachmann

Christianity is essentially an alien religion that has no place outside the Middle East, never mind in the heart of the American Midwest, part of the world represented by this lady, Michele Bachmann. Given Western Civilization's long history as part of Christendom this may seem like a rather extreme and radical thing to say. That's because it is. But when you hear people like US Congresswoman and prospective presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talk the way she does in this video, who can really doubt my assertion?

In this video message she basically uses her Christian identity to self-subjugate herself to Jewish and Israeli interests, all in the name of Christianity's affinity with Judaism. Of course, some would argue that Christianity is distinct from Judaism, and is an admixture of certain Greek philosophical tenets with aspects of Judaism, and also that while Christianity is a universalist religion, Judaism is a particularist faith for a specific tribal group. To a certain extent this is all true, but Bachmann is nevertheless essentially right when she points out that her "Christian faith is rooted in Judaism" and implies that unconditional support for the Jewish interests is a logic outcome of being a Christian.

This is because belief in Christianity effectively endorses the Jewish idea that they are the chosen people, as practically everybody in the Christian bible is a Jew and the so-called 'Christian' God clearly has a special relationship with that people. How can you believe the bible and not believe the Jews are special and the Holy Land is theirs?

Bachmann may sound somewhat brainwashed as she spouts her perverted views, but there is no denying the inherent logoc of what she is saying. This quality of being brainwashed and manipulated, by the way, is the inevitable result of having no tribal beliefs of one's own to form a cohesive identity and group interest focus, and is the result of Europeans having lost their own indigenous religious cultures through the cultural genocide committed by the Christian Church over several centuries.

Taken to its logic conclusion, the universalized goyim version of Judaism that has been marketed as Christianity makes its adherants "useful idiots" for the Jewish lobby. The fact that Christianianity has often been hostile to the Jews in the past, only strengthens the final, guilt-ridden realization of Christianity's inner logic in the present day. This process is especially true in America, but it can also be seen generally, even in Rome, where the present day Catholic Church shows a similar tendency. Those who espouse Christianity are always susceptible to meekly serving the interests of others rather than their own.