9 Nov 2009

Green Man in Dunblane Cathedral

This is a carving of the Green Man found under a folding seat in Dunblane Cathedral in Perthshire, Scotland.

The name Dunblane is a Christian name, and signifies "The Fort of Blane," Blane being the name of a 6th-century Irish Saint, who was born and based in the Isle of Bute but seems to have been active in several areas including Pethshire.

It seems odd that a saint should need a fort, suggesting that in this case Christianity may have been forced on the local inhabitants by military force.

Lyrics: "A Pagan Place" by Mike Scott

"Who put the colour like lines on his face"

How did he come here?
Who gave him the key
slipped in his hand
so secretly?
Who put the colour
like lines on his face
and brought him here
to a pagan place?

Who shot the arrow?
How high did it fly?
When he tipped it
with poison
did he even know why?
What unseen hand
brought him
face to face with
all this and more
in a pagan place?

Come into my parlour
Sail in at my shore
Drink my soul dry
There is always more
There is always more after
Now fly on my carpet
Look into my face
and see the
heart of man
in a pagan
in a pagan
in a pagan
in a pagan
in a pagan place