20 Nov 2010

Semitic Sky God, One, Two, and Three

The confused followers of the Semitic Sky God

Semantics can be a powerful weapon in any ideological battle. This is even truer when semantics are brought into line with the underlying truth.

In Europe nowadays, one of the biggest issues is the nascent cultural battle between Islam and Christianity. As any non-Muslim who has read the Koran can infer, Islam is a violent religion that dehumanizes non-believers in the same way that Mein Kampf dehumanized the Jews. Christianity, with its rich infusions from European paganism and Greek philosophy may be a lot better, but essentially it is diseased water from the same poisoned well. Both Islam and Christianity are anti-pagan Middle-Eastern cults, along with Judaism, that have no place in the centre of European culture, especially as they have encouraged various forms of extremism, barbarity, and anti-naturism.

Pagans (and anyone else who cares to - atheists perhaps) should emphasize this underlying truth by referring to these religions as Semitic Sky God Cult I (Judaism), Semitic Sky God Cult II (Christianity), and Semitic Sky God Cult III (Islam).

Emphasizing the common identity of these three religions also better reveals their absurdity and savagery, as the Muslims hate the Jews and the Jews hate the Muslims; and the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, flowed from Christianity, which itself flowed from the Jews, famous ethnic cleansers by their own admission in the Old Testament.

By referring to this tri-faceted global, totalitarian cult in this way, we also seek to return it to its just limits as the localized cult of an obscure desert sky god.

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