17 Apr 2011

The Pagan Sites of The Middle East Remembered (1): Mecca

Christianity is not the only totalitarian globalist religion to usurp the sites and rites of the ancient pagan gods. Islam too has played its part in the cultural genocide of pagan belief. Indeed, the case of Islam is an even more blatant example of religious appropriation. While Christianity chose Rome, basically a political centre as its symbolic centre, Islam made its centre Mecca, a town which was mainly known as a pagan religious centre.

The importance of Mecca to Muslims is also greater than that of Rome to Christians. All Muslims turn and pray to Mecca several times a day and each Muslim is expected to make a holy pilgrimage, called the hajj, to the city at least once in their life where they will revere the Ka'ba a sacred black stone.

But the site of Mecca, the custom of the hajj, and the Ka'ba itself are actually pagan artefacts seized and incorporated into the delusional ideas of Mohammed to give them a power they would otherwise lack. It could even be said that it is the imprisoned energy of these pagan elements that powers the engine of Islam.

Before the army of Mohammed conquered Mecca and imposed a harsh monotheistic faith that was obviously a crude echo of Christianity and Judaism, the town was a holy pagan centre with a shrine dedicated to hundreds of separate Arabian deities. There were reportedly 360 idols around the Ka'ba with the main gods honoured being Hubal, the Moon God, and the goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat.

Many of the details of the present day Muslim hajj pilgrimage are direct copies from pagan practice. The processions around the Ka'ba, the white robes worn by the pilgrims, and even the chanting of the holy names were all derived from the pre-existing pagan rituals, although the names have for obvious reasons been changed to "Allah" and "Mohammed."


  1. hahah this is the misconceptions that most non-Muslims have towards Islam...the white robes that the pilgrims wear is to symbolize the quality of equal among mankind...for modesty is one of the value of Islam..chanting of the names are not derived from pagan practice..in fact..the pagans do provide sacrifices towards their pagan gods...the chanting of the name is an act of remembrance of Allah..which is essential the term 'obedience'..which is Islam... just to share some info..I am not here to give hateful comments..just to give a clearer picture to the non-Muslims..In fact..I found that your pagan cultures are wonderful.. ;)