13 Mar 2010

Interview with a Witch

Back in 1992, soon after I started writing as a rock journalist, I had the pleasure to interview Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, the "pagan wife" and "widow" of rock legend Jim Morrison.

The interview article is over on my music blog "The Revenge of Riff Raff": Interview with Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

She was in town promoting her book "Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison," and our talk naturally centered on rock music and how Jim Morrison's legend had been presented in books and movies. Nevertheless there are some elements of pagan interest, such as a mention of Jim Morrison's 'fetch,' a kind of spirit or apparition, resembling a person due to die, which then visits close friends or relatives of that person.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief and support for the word Witch...Witches do not exist,it is an invention of Christianity during the Inquisition to put people with knowledge of Nature on the stake. There are Sorcerers, Alchemists, Sages(Sophos),but no Witches. Do assist in getting this historic fact across and may every 'witch' discover whether she is a Sorcerer, Alchemist or Sage. Yep, a bit of historic facts sobers the myth. Best Regards.