6 Feb 2010

The Pagan Sites of Europe Remembered: (2) Shrine of Lugus, Peñalba de Villastar, Spain

Near the small town of Peñalba de Villastar, 8 km from Teruel in the Aragon region of Eastern Spain, there is a sanctuary of the Celtic god Lugus (also spelt Lugh, Luc, or Lugus). This brief account is based on a Spanish blog by Juan Carlos Olive Pedreño [link].

At the site there is an inscription of a figure with three heads. This was the most common form of representing Lugus and such images have been found across Celtic Europe, showing that He was a Panceltic God. 

The site of the shrine is a mountain 940 meters tall that rises 100 meters above the River Turia. At the top there is plateau with a 3-kilometer perimeter, above a 20-meter rocky cliff. The site can be reached by a footpath that extends throughout this rocky cut. (Juan Carlos Olive Pedreño)

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